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How many Summer Associates does the firm have in 2017?
Can you tell me a little bit about the Summer Program at Shearman & Sterling?
Do I need to know what practice area(s) I’m interested in before interviewing with the firm?
May I spend my summer in more than one office?
What should I expect after the on-campus interview?
What is the compensation for summer associates?
How does the firm address associates' evolving training needs, over the course of their careers at the firm?
Are there opportunities to transfer to a different office?
Are there client secondment opportunities for associates?
How do I get involved in one of the firm's Inclusion Networks?
Do any Shearman & Sterling partners teach law as well as practice law?
How are mentors/mentees matched in the Associate Mentoring Initiative?
What is the compensation for associates?
How do summer associates receive feedback on their work?
How do I apply for a summer associate position if the firm doesn't visit my law school?