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  • The firm has 53 summer associates from more than 25 different law schools.


    Our Summer Program is best described as “rotational,” as opposed to a program where summer associates receive work through a centralized assignment system. Summer associates typically spend their time with us in two distinct practice areas in which they’ve expressed interest. In each practice group, a summer associate is teamed up with both a Senior Advisor and a Junior Advisor. To provide a broad experience, these advisors actively involve their summer associate in a significant number of their own matters and also help the summer associate get work on other lawyers’ matters.

    Throughout the program, summer associates will have the opportunity to attend any number of social events, allowing them to connect informally with each other and with lawyers at the firm. In recent years, events have included a cooking class, "field day," scavenger hunt, and a day of community service. In addition to these outings, we maintain a busy calendar of substantive training programs on such topics as Legal Research and Writing, Deposition Skills, and Negotiation Skills.

  • Not at all. Although we welcome specific interests, practice area exploration is one of the reasons we feel a rotational summer program is beneficial during the early stages of a legal career. We encourage you to use your summer experience to learn as much as possible about our firm, its practice areas, and the nature of legal practice generally.

    To help you along in this process, the firm traditionally hosts a “Winter Weekend” for all incoming summer associates several months before the Summer Program begins. Winter Weekend not only offers an opportunity to meet future summer classmates, it also allows lawyers from each of our practice areas and offices to provide an overview of the type of work they do, the clients they work with, and what a summer associate would typically work on within that practice area or office.


    Each year, a number of summer associates are given an opportunity to spend time in more than one firm office. In recent years, summer associates have spent time in our Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Paris, São Paulo and Tokyo offices. In addition, summer associates have split their time among our North American offices in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC. If you’re interested in splitting your summer, we encourage you to mention this at the outset of the interview process. Office placement decisions are based on the business needs of each office and individual levels of summer associate interest, so a separate interview is not necessary.

  • Shortly after your on-campus interview (or its equivalent), you’ll be notified of the firm’s decision regarding inviting you for a “callback” interview in our offices. If you’re invited for a callback interview, we’ll provide you with detailed information on how to coordinate your visit. During a callback interview, you’ll meet with approximately six lawyers. We make every effort to provide you with a mix of interviewers from different practice areas and at different levels of seniority, including both partners and associates. If you’re interested in meeting with a specific interviewer or a member of one of our Inclusion Networks, please tell us when you schedule your callback interview.

    After these interviews, the firm will decide whether we can extend an offer to you for a summer associate position. The timing for extending offers may vary; however, we do our best to make decisions as quickly as possible. Throughout the process, we encourage you to maintain open lines of communication with our Recruiting Team and we, in turn, will stay in touch with you.

  • Compensation for our summer associates is $3,654/week.

  • We hold global conferences for first year and mid-level associates.  During these conferences, associates from all of our offices come to New York and take part in a variety of training programs and social gatherings.  These conferences provide essential learning opportunities, create a forum for discussion, and allow associates from all over the world to connect.

  • Before you start at the firm, you'll be asked to complete a preference sheet not only for your practice group interests, but for your office interests as well.  These preference sheets are consulted frequently when opportunities in the firm's offices arise.  Even if you don't express an interest in a certain office when you join the firm, you can contact a member of the Associate Development Team to inform them of your office interest at any time.

  • Associates often have the opportunity to spend a period of time working at a client.  Many associates enjoy the experience of working alongside our clients, and find that once they return to the firm, their "inside" perspective allows them to better respond to clients' needs.

  • The firm's Inclusion Networks are associate-run and membership is open to all associates.

  • We are very proud of the fact that several Shearman & Sterling partners serve as adjunct professors of law at some of the country's most prestigious law schools, including Yale, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Arizona.

  • Mentors and mentees are matched based on participants' responses to an annual questionnaire. The questionnaire allows participants to disclose interests and affiliations, along with other criteria and preferences that aid in appropriately matching mentors with mentees.  Mentors and mentees may request new matches and provide feedback about the program in connection with annual renewals of program participation.anna 

  • We’re committed to rewarding hard work, and our associate compensation is competitive with our peer firms in all of our offices.  We also provide a competitive and comprehensive benefits package.

  • During the course of the summer, summer associates regularly receive feedback from the lawyers with whom they are working.  At the end of each practice group assignment, summer associates meet with their Partner Advisors as well as one of the Co-Hiring Partners or Co-Chairs of the Summer Committee to review their work and their experience in that particular practice group. 

  • If we do not visit your law school, you can apply for a summer associate position by sending your cover letter, resume, and transcript to usrecruiting@shearman.com.