The Association of Various Asia-interested Lawyers Aligned for Non-discrimination, Community, Honor and Excellence (AVALANCHE) promotes mentorship, community outreach and cultural awareness for Asian-heritage and Asia-interested attorneys throughout the firm. 

Launched in July 2010, AVALANCHE’s strategy centers on service, culture, networking and recruiting.  AVALANCHE initiatives include work with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund on pro bono matters and voting-related efforts, and participation in bar association and nonprofit events in the Asian legal community. 

AVALANCHE has initiated plans to liaise with Asian affinity groups at law schools and increase community service work on matters that affect the Asian community.  Strengthening ties and involvement with local cultural organizations is another AVALANCHE mandate, to include events centered on various elements of Asian culture such as art, films, and holidays – for both Asia-interested attorneys and members of the global legal and business communities.

In addition to our work within the firm, our efforts extend to many diverse communities.  Below is a list of several organizations that have been helpful to our community outreach and initiatives.

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