The Women’s Initiative for Success, Excellence and Retention (WISER) emphasizes mentorship, professional development, and awareness for all lawyers across offices and practice groups.  We have successfully established a professional network and earned a reputation for mentoring and developing relationships within and outside the firm.  WISER offers a variety of programs that cater to both internal and external audiences.  Membership-focused events include the “Spotlight” series that features partners and alumni, thoughtful seminars on skills development, and “Cocktails & Conversation” events as part of the business development curriculum.  Activities open to a broader audience include an annual event for the firm’s women clients in addition to one for alumnae.  Through WISER Giving, we are actively engaged in community outreach efforts, such as charitable drives and mentoring activities with young women and girls.

In addition to our work within the firm, our efforts extend to many diverse communities.  Below is a list of several organizations that have been helpful to our community outreach and initiatives.

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