Law Students

The firm conducts on-campus interviews at a number of schools in the United States and Canada.  Following an initial screening interview, either on campus or at the firm, we will extend invitations for “callback” interviews.  If you’re invited for a callback interview, we will provide you with detailed information on how to coordinate your visit.  During your callback, you’ll meet with approximately six lawyers.  We make every effort to provide you with a mix of interviewers from different practice areas and at different levels of seniority, including both partners and associates.  If you would like to meet lawyers with particular backgrounds, experiences or profiles, please let us know. 

After your callback, the firm will make a decision regarding your candidacy.  The timing for extending offers may vary; however, we do our best to make decisions as quickly as possible.  Throughout the process, we encourage you to maintain open lines of communication with our Recruiting Team and we, in turn, will stay in touch with you.